Design, like a language, requires articulation.  Everyone speaks, but not everyone communicates well.  Good communication requires skillful articulation.  The better the articulation, the better the communication, which in turn eliminates miscommunication.  Likewise, all designers design, but not every designer articulates design clearly and precisely, in accordance with the information given. 

In short, design articulation is the keen ability to articulate aesthetically of the objectives – words, thoughts and ideas – provided.

That is what I do – objective articulation through design –space, objects and identities.

Hello. My name is Daniel.

Creating Real, Iconic and Thoughtful Designs.
Space. Objects. Identities.

TUDESIGN is an award-winning interdisciplinary design studio founded by Po-Fu Daniel Tu, an independent designer whose design sensibility is shaped by his childhood in Taiwan, adolescence in Dominican Republic, and adulthood in the United States.

Daniel graduated from College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan, with a BFA in Industrial Design.  Since his graduation, Daniel has had the opportunity to serve in various design disciplines across an array of diverse industries throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

After an answered prayer, in April 2007 Daniel started his design studio without any clients or projects. Since then, Daniel has worked on more than 300 projects, by the grace of God, with dedication and commitment.

Daniel currently lives in Northern California with his wife and six children.

Working With Us

We are always looking for new collaborative opportunities, whether you are an individual, organization or company. Working with TUDESIGN is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Contact us to discuss project and expectations

  • Review the design proposal

  • Upon approval, collaboration begins

There are no obligations when discussing and reviewing our design proposals, and there are no surprises at the end.  Everything is agreed upon beforehand.  Interested in working with us?  Contact us today.